Welcome to Messy Church!


Why call it Messy Church?

The name ‘Messy Church’ comes about because we’re trying to be church for families on the messy edges of church who aren’t ‘tidily’ in a congregation already. It’s also a church for people whose lives may be messy – perhaps in the past the Church has too often appeared to be saying that we only welcome people whose lives are well-ordered.

Messy Church says on the tin, ‘Come and be messy with us, as our family lives are messy too, we don’t have everything sorted out, we don’t live perfect lives, we have questions and doubts and fears and we believe church is the best place to help us get our messy lives sorted.’  And although we always leave the church clean and tidy, we do get very messy with paint, glue, clay, icing sugar… as we explore what faith is about.


Fresh Expressions of Church

A fresh expression is a form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of people who are not members of any church.  


Messy Church at DEC

Messy Church was started in DEC in 2014 by Sally McKee.  Sally has great team of dedicated volunteers who are experienced at working with both children and adults.  We post a notice on our home page about a week in advance of the next scheduled Messy Church date.  We hope you will come along and give Messy Church a try. everyone is welcome.  Future events will be posted here.