We exist to glorify God
and serve Him in this generation.

Our Vision is to be a vibrant
community of disciples of Jesus Christ,
passionately loving the lost, bringing His kingdom
to our local community and the wider world.


Loving Fellowship
To be a community where we allow God to change our
lives, as we love each other regardless of personal cost

Dependence on God
We submit ourselves to God in everything, devoting
ourselves to prayer and the Bible, relying on the Holy
Spirit to lead, teach and empower us

Teaching the Word of God
We believe in the absolute authority of the Bible and we
are passionately devoted to developing and promoting
the Holy Spirit anointed teaching of God’s Word

Everyone Making God Known
As commanded by him, we accept our individual and
corporate responsibility to make disciples of Jesus Christ

Fellowship with all Christians
We believe that all in Christ Jesus are one
spiritual family and we commit to encourage
and build each other up