Child Protection Policy Statement of DEC

Dun Laoghaire Evangelical Church is committed to ensuring the safety and well being of all children and young people with whom we work. The protection, welfare and safety of the children in our care will be of paramount importance to us at all times.

Dun Laoghaire Evangelical Church (DEC) comes into contact with a significant number of children and young people every week throughout the year.  Their welfare and safety is paramount to us at all times.

A detailed Child Protection Policy document is in place for all those who are in contact with the young people under the umbrella of DEC.

All volunteers and employed workers must follow the guidelines and procedures in that document to ensure that a safe and healthy environment is kept at all times during the activities that take place under the care of  DEC. This document will be revised and updated every two years.

Among the facets it covers are:

  • Recruitment of workers and volunteers and management;
  • Child protection;
  • Guidelines for workers;
  • Sharing information;
  • Guidelines for general safety and management.

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